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Thanks for swinging by! So, a little about me. 

I love all things involving online marketing, and can't resist a challenge. My mission is to inspire others to succeed and live a life that they love and allows them to be authentic!

It took me years to finally feel like I'd gotten to the point where I was living a truly amazing, fun, and authentic life. I used to be stuck in a job that was underpaying and totally boring, so I made a decision and set out to create a better life for my family – one that allowed me to work from wherever I wanted, as much (or as little) as I wanted. 

I truly believe that YOU can do the same, and my passion is helping others to find out what that is, and how to apply it to achieve happiness with whatever their unique gifts and personalities may be.
I love to learn new things and talk about topics on a deeper level than mere shallow small talk. Maximizing efficiency and productivity in every area of my life frees up my time to do cool stuff I love and help others do the same!

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This Course Will Show You the Steps to Take to Start and Grow Your Business Quickly and Efficiently!

Create a working life you love that fits around your family and works for YOU for a change by setting up and running your own online business.

All my experience and knowledge (and heart and soul) has gone into this course which covers everything you need to create and grow a successful online business.

Stop wasting your life working for someone else who doesn't give you the freedom and flexibility to work whenever you want. Why not work for yourself, on your own terms for more money?!?
Establishing Your Products & Packaged Services
How to analyze your personality and identify your skill set, which products or niched packaged services you should offer and how to identify who might need your services. 
Private Facebook group
A highly interactive Facebook group where I hold live weekly live coaching calls, Q&A sessions, post weekly business articles, AND share personal advice and help you set goals. Be a part of a community of like-minded individuals.
Legal "Stuff"
How to get an EIN, register your business, file an LLC, how to invoice, best points credit cards for businesses, data protection, bookkeeping, taxes, and insurance.
Growing and Scaling Your Business
How to manage your business once you're set up. Outsourcing and project management, time management, work from home life and help to stay on track.
Branding, Social Media, & Marketing
How to decide on and establish your personal brand from your company name and logo, how to use it throughout social media, email marketing, and more.
Special Bonuses and DISCOUNTS!
When you purchase the course, you'll get all bonuses, PLUS special one-time-offers on logo creation and website design.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are any of other downloads included when I buy this? 

Yes, you get all bonuses and templates as well as my Mindset Coursebook, 50 Online Business Ideas, and Profit Planning Worksheets.
  You'll ALSO have the opportunity to purchase a one-time-offer (right after you purchase) to get a MASSIVELY discounted logo or website if you choose. Yep, I'll create them for you!

Can I still be an online business owner if I don't have a tech background?

Absolutely! In fact, I still outsource some of the more technical aspects such as back-end web development. Most systems and software you'll use in this day and age are incredibly user-friendly and have amazing tutorials. Although I had basic admin and tech skills, the idea is that you pick an online business that you're passionate about or that you know you can handle and grow your skills with time on. Most clients can run their own businesses without your help, but they don't have the time, or they know (as you'll learn when you grow), it's a better investment to hire someone else as you are able to charge more. Online entrepreneurs come from all kinds of backgrounds. Whether they're taking their 9-5 job skills and becoming highly paid consultants, or completely changing focus.

Do I have direct access to you?

You don't get any one-to-one consultations (though I offer that to people specifically interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant here), you do get your own private members-only Facebook group. This group is more like a team where I check in, ask about progress, set accountability goals, and have live coaching sessions to provide tailored advice. I reply to every question I'm asked and if a member requests something that I can easily change or update in the course, I will! You can post a question in the weekly coaching call questions post and watch me answer it later if you can't attend live. All coaching calls will be added to the course, so even if you join after April 2018, you'll get to watch all of the "episodes" whenever you want.

Does the course expire and is there a time limit?

No and no! You have lifetime access to the Making it Pay Lifestyle course and you can start when you like and take as long as you want. I recommend going through it as quickly as possible because money follows speed. Plus, you'll see a return on your investment when you get clients within a couple of months. However, sometimes life gets in the way, so you can take as long as you want or need to! 

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! If you visit the order page here, you'll see various options to fit your budget. 

How do I access the course after I bought it?

The course is hosted on ClickFunnels. Once you order, you'll receive an email with and be redirected to a welcome page so you can set up your login details and start working through all the steps and lessons. The login email will go to the email address you use to buy the course and check your spam folder if you don't see it within an hour. However, if you keep your browser open, you'll go immediately to the login page.

Can I do this course if I don't live in the US?

Yes. There are people from all over the world and the training (except for the lesson on setting up your business legally) is not dependant on you being in a specific location. If you're outside of the US, you'll need to decide on your business structure accordingly to your country's laws.

Can I see what lessons are included in the course? 

Yes, all of that is included in the webinar! If you'd like more specifics added that I didn't cover, once you're a member, you can ask in the Facebook group and I'll create a video on that topic!

I have more questions...

Great! I'd love to hear them and add to this page. Email me at sherri@makingitpaylifestyle.com and hammer me with your questions. I love chatting with curious people!

Bonnie's Experience in the Making It Pay Lifestyle Course:

"Through Sherri’s course, I was able to set up my own business, step by step from the process of filing all the paperwork needed to start a business to learning effective means of marketing my online business. 

The course is truly comprehensive. Every step is absolutely packed with information! 

Video tutorials explain each topic along with extensive resources to fully guide you to completion.

But even more so, her intelligence, her wide range of knowledge and her willingness to share that in tutorials, all amaze me. 

She shows patience with those less capable and strives to meet each challenge we present. 

She is a person of integrity who will go to the ends of the earth to help you meet your goals. 

She recognizes our fear of stepping out of our comfort zone and offers encouragement to believe we can do it.

She remembers what it is like to be a new business owner, and always includes free or low-cost options to get you started with minimal expenses.

But even more important is the support you will receive in the weekly live coaching call based on your questions as you proceed through the course. If Sherri doesn’t already have it explained in the course, she will do a video tutorial for you regarding the specific topic about which you have questions. 

It is like having your own personal business coach! "
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