ONE TIME EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR: I'm Sharing My Secrets for Making an Easy Living With an Online Business! 
One Time Exclusive Event Hosted By 
CEO and Founder of iAssist Virtually, Sherri Stotler

How I Went From 
To Making 5K + Per Month 
While Only Working 
20 Hours Per Week 
(or less) From HOME.
No MLM, No College Degree needed,
Just Flexibility, Fun, and 
Financial Freedom!
Your Information is 100% Secure and Will Never Be Shared With Anyone

Thursday, March 29th, 9PM EST

@ 9:00PM EST United States


Sherri Stotler | Making It Pay

CEO and Founder of,, and
What You'll Learn In This Life-Changing Webinar:

Secret #1

How YOU can make unlimited income working from home or wherever you want with just a laptop and wifi.

Secret #2

How YOU can get started without quitting your job (yet) and set yourself up for success!

Secret #3

How YOU can design a Making It Pay Lifestyle that you LOVE, doing FUN STUFF you LOVE, without sacrificing time with the friends, family, and activities you LOVE!

Is this for real?

Yes! This is no networking or Multi-Level Marketing crap. Learn how to BE YOUR OWN BOSS, set your own schedule, and make $$$ from home. - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service

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